Product Reviews

I am a PR friendly blogger. And I mean really, really friendly — my background is in marketing and public relations so I totally speak the same language as PR people. With that being said, please actually read a few posts to get the “flavor” of my blog before you decide to send me a pitch.

I am a working mom who lives in the Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan area. My blog is NOT self-hosted and I use (this is an issue for some people).

Product Reviews
I have previously reviewed products on my blog and I fully appreciated any time I am contacted to review a product. However, I only review products that are relevant to my blog and my incredibly awesome readers. Some good matches include: mommy products, infant products, mommy fashion in the workplace, organizing products, DIY home improvement products/opportunities, family travel opportunities, women/mom owned company’s, etc.

I mentioned family travel opportunities and I want to reiterate that I LOVE to receive pitches for travel options for families, including hotels, cruises and theme parks. Just want to put that out there! If you are dying for a friendly blogger family to stay at your super snazzy hotel and then write a review about the experience, I may be your perfect match.

You can check out my most recent product reviews here.

Contact Me
If you like what you see, please email me at



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