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Celebrating 12/12/12

12 Dec

How are you guys celebrating 12/12/12? Are you making lots of wishes or maybe even playing the lottery since today seems to be a super lucky kind of day?

I’m doing a little bit of celebrating myself… because today, 12/12/12, is my one year anniversary of working in my current job. Yay me, getting my “paper” anniversary on. I’m going to go ahead and count my paycheck as my paper anniversary gift. Not that I actually SEE an actual paper check these days, but gosh do I love having money magically make its way into my bank account!

For those of you who are newer readers and didn’t really follow along with my job story, here’s the mini version: I worked my butt off at a company for 6 years and was laid off last fall. Oh yeah, and I was pregnant at the time. Pretty awesome, right? I was incredibly fortunate to be hired in my current position and started my new job after just 5 weeks of unemployment.*

To celebrate one year of working at a job that I like with people I enjoy, I’m going to share today’s thankful list:

  • I’m thankful that my superiors don’t fart around me and then pretend they didn’t while I sit there and choke quietly on the stench.
  • I am thankful that my superiors and coworkers show up for meetings on time and never, ever bring nail clippers with them or force me to duck out of the way of their flying fingernail debris.
  • I’m incredibly thankful that nobody at my current job has called me in for a meeting and told me that I’m an unlikeable person with an awful sense of humor.  Or continued on for an hour to give me examples of why this is obviously true. Especially not while I’m crying.
  • I’m really thankful that none of the managers at my current job has commented on my “cute butt” and told me that I can sit it down wherever I’d like.
  • I am so thankful that I’m not afraid to walk through the halls of my work building in fear that I’m going to be yelled at for doing something. Or not doing something. Or not doing something that somebody else might not have done. Or for it being Tuesday.

So for my one year anniversary at my current job, I’d like to give a big ol’ HOORAY for it being so awesome. I am so incredibly thankful to have a job where I feel appreciated by managers who I actually really, really like!

Hope you have a happy 12/12/12!


* If you are interested in the more detailed version of my job change brewhaha, check out my blog posts between September and December of last year.


So Thankful for New Directions*

11 Dec

Tomorrow is my first day at my new job.

I feel like a kid the day before school starts – I have some of those nervous butterflies in my stomach about finding my way to my new building; anxiety keeps pushing into my head about whether the other kids will like me; and I’ve gone through my closet to pick out my perfect “first day” outfit.

I’m a combination of nervous, excited and extremely thankful that I will be starting a new job at all.

When I found out that I would be losing my job, I was already pregnant. Being a huge planner, I had a Plan A, Plan B and Plan C ready to go into effect the moment that I walked out the door of my old office.

Plan A: If I couldn’t find a job until after the baby was born, we would survive on a combination of cutting back, my husband’s salary and my unemployment benefits.

Plan B: An even better option would be if I could pick up enough freelance work (which would unfortunately take away from my unemployment benefits) to bring in a salary and show that I was still employed through my consulting company.

Plan C: Aka, the “long shot” – get a job, any job. Preferably something full-time and marketing-related

I’d started applying for jobs at the beginning of August, but hadn’t had any luck at all until the end of October. Then, with only a week or two until I was officially unemployed I interviewed with two different companies.

The first was an opportunity I heard about from a professional contact. The job seemed right up my ally and the location of the position was great. Especially considering that we were planning to move right up the street. However, although the job was do-able it didn’t light my fire.

A couple days later, which was ironically the first day of my actual unemployment, I found out that someone else got that job. This stung a little bit, especially because I was gearing up to launch Plan A of job survival mode. However, since I didn’t really want the position in the first place I wasn’t totally crushed.

The second position I interviewed for was one of my absolute dream jobs. I had wanted to break into the college/university arena for the past few years. However, having no higher education experience meant that nobody wanted me. For this position, I did a phone interview, marketing presentation, interviewed with their search committee and then interviewed with the director of the department. It was quite intense – in fact, this is the position I was talking about in my Feeling Good post.

Imagine my surprise/gratitude/dorky dance when I got an offer for that position. Not only did I luck out on getting a job after being laid off… I got my DREAM JOB!

After hearing the horror stories of pregnant ladies who can’t find a job, marketing professionals who were out of work for over a year, and everyone else out there struggling to find a position – I feel like the luckiest girl in all the land to be able to start a new job only 5 weeks after I lost my last one!

Thankful seems like too small of a word to encompass the all-around relief and enthusiasm I have about this awesome opportunity.

The cherry and sprinkles on my deliriously happy sundae, is the fact that when I disclosed my pregnancy to my new boss he responded with a heartfelt “congratulations!” No moment of irritation crossed his face; he was actually happy and supportive. This proves to me more than anything that I have made the right choice in accepting the position.

This also proves that as trite as it may sound, things really do happen for a reason. Losing my job felt like the worst thing in the world just a couple months ago. But now, on the eve of my new employment opportunity, it truly feels like one of the best things that has ever happened to me.


*And no, I don’t mean the Glee group New Directions. Even though I am hopelessly addicted to Glee and have 82 Glee songs on my iPod right now. Yes, I counted. And no, that doesn’t make me feel dorky at all.**

**Ok, well maybe a little dorky.

Feeling Good

9 Nov

I had another job interview today and it was awesome.

A couple weeks ago I participated in a phone interview with a four person search committee. I thought it went well and was pleasantly surprised when I was invited for an in-person interview.

However, I was a bit intimidated by their invitation because the in-person interview was scheduled for TWO HOURS. In addition to interviewing with their search committee and the head of the program, they also asked me to prepare a 10 minute presentation (with visuals) on how I would market their program.

Holy Wowzers!

So, I procrastinated a little.

And then a little more.

Then I starting doing some research and scribbling down my thoughts.

The day before the interview, I spent five hours straight finalizing what I wanted to say and putting together a PowerPoint presentation.

This morning I went over everything again and loaded up my trusty thumb drive.

I left my house super early to make sure I wouldn’t get lost (it’s been known to happen…A LOT) and got there about 30 minutes before my meeting. After hanging out in my car a little while, finding the building, stopping at the restroom to straighten myself up, and finding the proper office, I went into “interview mode.”

The presentation seemed to go great, with the committee smiling and nodding a lot. The Q&A afterwards also went well and I feel like I got across everything that I wanted to. I asked lots of questions so that they could tell that I’m interested in the position. I then had the chance to meet the man who would be my new boss and I really liked him too.

I sailed out of there feeling like a million dollars and now I have to sit and wait to see if I get the position. I know that I did my absolute best, but it’s possible that however many other people they interviewed did just as well or better than me.

So, I’ll sit and wait. Cross your fingers for me, okay?

Day 1 of My Exciting New Life

7 Nov

Today was my first actual workday of being unemployed.

A month ago or so, when I thought about what my life would be like without a job, I imagined that I’d sleep in nice and late. Then I might make myself a healthy breakfast, do a yoga DVD and spend some time looking through the job sites online. Maybe I’d have lunch with a friend, send out a couple resumes in the afternoon, watch some TV, read a book, and then make a delicious and healthy dinner which would emit lots of yummy noises from my husband.

Yeah, none of this actually happened today.

After waking up to his phone alarm at 6:30 am, my husband must have accidentally ‘snoozed’ the alarm instead of turning it off. So, it went off every 10 minutes while he was getting ready in the other room. And it was really LOUD. In my half-asleep state I couldn’t figure out how to make it stop, so I gave up and got up.

With that wonderful start, here’s the good & bad from my first day at home:

In the Good pile:

    • Did some freelance social media work for a consulting client. Love consulting!
    • Was interviewed by a reporter for an article that will be coming out in about a month. Super excited about this and I’ll keep you posted with more details when I can.
    • Prepared for an upcoming interview where I need to give a 10 minute presentation to their search committee on my ideas for marketing their program. After an initial brain-freeze moment (if by moment you mean multiple days), I finally found my zone and started scribbling down lots of ideas. Tomorrow I need to clarify everything and turn it into an actual presentation with visuals.
    • Spoke to a recruiter about another potential job opportunity.
    • Got in lots of snuggle time with my cute little dog, Potter. I even dragged his fluffy dog bed to a spot next to my desk, so that he could relax while still keeping his eye on me.
    • A friend of mine informed me that one of my wedding photos is on a photographer’s flyer on the bulletin board at a local Starbucks. Besides adding “must visit Starbucks and look at their bulletin board” to my list, I took a minute to check out the photographer’s new website. There are probably 20 photos from my wedding (3 years ago) in her portfolio. Besides being totally flattered, I’m also feeling a bit weepy from reliving my amazingly wonderful wedding day.

In the Crappy pile:

    • Part of moving means that I needed to purchase rental insurance for our new household. Apparently in order to cover my engagement ring, I need to get a new appraisal for their files. What I didn’t realize is how much it costs to get an appraisal! Of course, now that I’ve called around I found out that the price varies depending on which store you call.
    • I had interviewed for a position last Friday and felt really good about it. Got a phone call this afternoon saying that not only did I NOT get the position; it’s going to someone I know. Ouch! What’s worse is that this isn’t the first time this has happened to me.
    • Throughout the entire day, where I’ve been awake for about 12 hours so far — I’ve literally only spoken to three people*. My interviewer and two quick phone calls. I’m dying to chat with someone and will most likely launch myself at my husband like a hyper spidermonkey when he walks in the door.

So, all in all it seems like today was much more good than bad. I was certainly busy all day long, which was nice. I hate nothing more than to be bored with nothing to do. I’m disappointed about not getting the position that I interviewed for, but have to focus on the positive and hope that there is something better just around the corner.

* I’m not really including Potter in this, even though we’ve had many conversations throughout the day. For those who are curious about what we talk about (ok, I admit it is mostly one-sided) it ranges from: “Why are you licking your paw? Does it taste yummy?” to “Come over here and snuggle with me” and “Do you think I should include focus groups in this marketing plan?” No, he doesn’t actually talk back to me… but he has very expressive eyes.

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