Fun Fall Swap — The Players

21 Sep

The tweets and emails have all been sorted for our First Annual Fun Fall Swap! We’ve got a great group of players and I’m super excited to kick this thing off.

Here’s our final list of participants:
@JoulesDellinger from Pocketful of Joules
@mybrainonkids from My Brain on Kids
@art_is_of_words from The B(itch) Log
@diapersorwine from Diapers… Or Wine
@chewyleecious from Chewyleecious
@katiebelle1121 from Words for Worms
@kidinducedcrazy from Sorry Kid, Your Mom Doesn’t Play Well with Others
@Playpossum12 from Life’s Too Short to Play Possum
@Chrissawoi from Quirky Chrissy

Each blogger now has four weeks to surprise their new friend with their gift. Once their gift comes, the blogger will do what they do best… blog about it!

Each blogger is going to try to guess which blogger sent the gift to them. You can join in by visiting your favorite bloggers and trying to help them figure it out. Once all the guesses are in, I’ll post the list and the bloggers who guessed right get bragging rights until next year!


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    […] is ever so far away, let us bloggers give each other gifts because it is fun!” And thus, the Fall Fun Swap was born. (Joules is secretly the Queen. Shhh, don’t […]

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