Photo a Day Challenge for August: Week Five

1 Sep

It’s official — I stuck with the Photo a Day challenge for August for the entire month!

The challenge was fun, but definitely got a bit tedious by the end of the month. I will not be doing the challenge for September, but might do one for November or December since I’m kind of in love with the holiday season.

If you missed it, here are the pictures from week one, week two, week three and week four.

Here are the photos from the fifth and final week:

Day 27: “tap” – yes, I was a creeper in the ladies bathroom taking a photo of the sinks. I love the way the photo turned out, but there is no denying that the ‘click’ noise of my camera was icky in a public bathroom!

Day 28: “clock” – I pass this clock every day on my way into work. Usually I’m late when I’m passing it, including this day.

Day 29: “down” – Kind of self explanatory. Shot this photo from our 2nd floor down to our 1st floor.

Day 30: “card” – I keep this thank you card on my work bulletin board to remind me that hard work is actually appreciated.

Day 31: “hidden” – this is a photo of the view from my parent’s house. The fog made everything look all cool and spooky and there were deer darting in and out of the fog, hidden unless you were looking for them.

Thank you to everyone who played along on twitter, instagram and here! You can also view everyone’s challenge photos by using #photoadayaug.


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