Photo a Day Challenge for August: Week Four

26 Aug

Okay, it’s my fourth week of completing the Photo a Day challenge for August and I have to admit, it’s getting a little tedious.

I was considering doing the challenge for September because I enjoy having a theme that I need to shoot for the day, I just feel like it’s getting a little boring to have a weekly blog post showing my photos. So, if you wouldn’t mind leaving a comment and letting me know whether you enjoy these photo posts or if you’re so over them, I’d appreciate it!

If you missed it, here are the pictures from week one, week two and week three.

Here’s week four:

Day 19: “hole” – I love this colander from World Market. It makes me happy!

Day 20: “today” – my work calendar for the month showing the 20th.

Day 21: “cool” – Cotton Monster and I both love the cool weather forecast for this week. Yay Autumn!

Day 22: “home” – Long, long day at work… getting home late.

Day 23: “pair” – I wore this pair of my grandmother’s earrings at my wedding. She’s such a hottie!

Day 24: “path” the pathway up to my front door.

Day 25: “fresh” – I’m totally in love with this hand soap and walk around the house dorkily sniffing my hands. Yum, honeysuckle!

Day 26: “dream” – my little man snuggle up in dream world.

If you’d like to play along, here are the rules. You can also follow me on twitter at @joulesdellinger (and I’ll follow you back!) and on instagram at pocketfulofjoules. You can also view everyone’s challenge photos by using #photoadayaug

Don’t forget to leave me a quick comment with your thoughts on whether I should continue to post these on a weekly basis. Have a happy Sunday!


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