Writing to Myself

26 Jan

Random thought (what, you’re not used to my random thoughts by now??), when I was writing the title to this post I got that song “Dancing with Myself” in my head. So I youtubed the video to check it out and the video is A LOT weirder than I thought it was going to be. Really, what the heck?!  Judge for yourself:


And can zombies sweat anyways?

Ok, back to my original reason for this post.

I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about my involvement with Business Volunteers Unlimited Maryland (BVU) in the past. To recap: I was a 2010 Classmate, a 2011 Advisory Board member & Class Project Chair, and I’m now serving on the 2012 Advisory Board.

I haven’t done much with the organization since the holiday party/fundraising event in early December, so I was super stocked to attend the first Advisory Board meeting of the year yesterday afternoon.

One of the things that they asked us to do at the meeting was to write a letter to our future self. This letter would give us the chance to put into writing some of our personal hopes of how we will grow throughout the year and what skills we will develop.

I’ve mostly given up on setting New Year’s Resolutions because I either immediately break them or totally forget what I had promised to do. However, in a Board situation I thought this was a great idea to not only spell out what my goals were for this experience, but to hold me to them.

My letter isn’t brilliant or life changing by any means; I literally scratched it down in my messy handwriting in a couple minutes. By putting it here though, I’m ensuring that I don’t misplace it!

Here’s my letter to my future self with absolutely no changes or edits from what I scribbled at yesterday’s meeting:

Dear Julie,

Some goals for this year on the Advisory Board – first off, take direction. Work on not always needing to lead, but follow graciously. Also, figure out that work/life balance thing. Lots of change is happening this year! Last, by the end of 2012 figure out a nonprofit board that you’d like to join. This is your third year with BVU and now is the time to get off your butt and branch out.

PS. You’re awesome!

So, I’ve got three goals for this year:

  1. Learn how to step back and follow graciously.
  2. Work on the work/life balance.
  3. Find a nonprofit board I’d like to join.

How about you? What would you write to your future self about your goals for this year?


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